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Our Scentsy Story

Our Scentsy Story

Our Scentsy Story

Thanks for visiting our website and your interest in US! We are so happy that we are able to share our story to our friends, family, strangers, and our soon to be friends! I am so excited to share with you how Scentsy has changed my life, my families life, and the the friendships I have created because of Scentsy

Kayla, Alex, Gracie, and Gael Hernandez

Kayla, Alex, Gracie, and Gael Hernandez

This is my family! We are a little crazy but so much fun to be around! We live in the United States in a little town called Danville in the state of Illinois. My husband Alex and I have two incredible kids Gracie and Gael! Our family is complete! (I think!) We may change our mind later but for now we are whole!

Our life looked a lot different before I started Scentsy. My husband and I had full time jobs and we both worked quite a bit of overtime to make ends meet. I worked at an insurance company that determined my schedule 100% and it was really hard for me to get the necessary time to be a “mom” to my baby girl. I had a dream and at that time that is all I thought it was…. a dream to be a stay at home mom and to bring income into our household that way. I started Scentsy with a dream that I was so desperate to make a reality. So on January 5, 2012 I jumped into a business that I really had no idea about with both feet. I had only heard of Scentsy but had not been able to experience it! There were ladies at my work that were having a party I smelled and fell in love and knew at that moment if I was going to do a direct sales again (I had failed miserable with another company….miserably! I was spending more than I was making!) that this was going to be it!

A year and a half went by and then we had a SURPRISE!!! Baby number two! Gael was born! My maternity leave went by way to fast and it KILLED me to not only leave one baby but TWO! That July shortly after returning to work I went to Scentsy Family Reunion in Indianapolis and my whole outlook on Scentsy changed. I made a decision right then and there that I would MAKE SCENTSY WORK! At that time Scentsy was our fun money and although that is great I wanted it to support my family and enable me to stay home with my kids! I came home and worked harder than ever to build my business! At reunion the announced the incentive trip and I knew I was going to make it! I just HAD to!


On September 16, 2013 my life then took another horrifying turn. Remember that beautiful little girl, Gracie?


She had been losing weight and not acting herself and we took her to the hospital… to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes! Holy Jesus! We were devastated! What was even more devastating is having to return to work and trust a babysitter that had not a clue about diabetes! After several incidents of it “almost being too late” I worked even harder to build a business! I was done getting pictures like these..

gracie icu

This is a picture of Gracie in a’coma from having blood sugars run too high!  I’m happy to say that on February 14, 2014 I quit my job of almost five years to stay home  to run my Scentsy Family Business and to take care of my kids!

I am also happy to announce that I was able to take my husband to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas this June all paid for by Scentsy! We had a BLAST!

IMG_4490 IMG_4754 IMG_4491 IMG_1077 clip_image006 clip_image002

These are some of the pictures from our trip. The first one is a picture of me and Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2, I have followed her for years on television so it was neat to meet her in person! The second picture is our final day in the Bahamas with a private dinner on the beach that was held by Scentsy and these are all of our new friends we met there! The third picture is a picture of our first night there with some friends we had met and the fourth is just us! The fifth is a picture of my husband and I with the owner of Scentsy Heidi Thompson! She is such a sweet lady and down to earth! The last picture is the resort that we stayed at all on Scentsy!

On July 16, 2014 I earned my SECOND ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP from Scentsy but this time it is to the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico!  I will get to go on this trip January 5-9, 2015!


Thank you so much for reading about us! Contact me HERE for more information about joining the Scentsy family! We have a lot of resources for our team. Our SuperStar Directors have built a team site that you will be given access to immediately after joining! We have facebook group pages that you can get information, encouragement, and inspiration from! We offer conference calls and webinars for our team as well as a Team Site, Facebook Group, individualized training and assistance and more! We offer as much, or as little, training you’d like…it’s all very individualized. This is YOUR BUSINESS – we’re just here to help you meet whatever goals you set for yourself.

If you’d like to purchase any Scentsy Fragrance or other products from us we guarantee that you’ll always receive excellent customer service and…we always have Special Monthly Offers and Specials for our customers!

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have about Scentsy or Velata – or Us! We’d love to hear from you.


Kayla & Alex Hernandez
Independent Scentsy SuperStar Consultants
(217) 381-3366

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