Can you really make money selling Scentsy?

Can you really make money selling Scentsy?

Just as anyone knows there are many direct sales jobs out there, but many of them are scams and almost impossible to have any type of success what so ever. Many times there are broken promises like, “you will change your life and make 6 figures” blah blah blah.
-Brutal truth, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. So here is some of the most frequently asked questions along with ‘ Can you really make money selling Scentsy? ‘

Basic Scentsy Information

(As of 07/09/2016:)

Monetary Investment:

When you sign up to sell Scentsy you will invest $99 for the Starter Kit. After shipping and tax it comes around $118. Business supplies can be any random add-ons such as additional order forms, catalogs, etc, thus allowing for FREE shipping regardless of the amount spent.  Some consultants also choose to buy things like the min testers ($25) right off the bat.  I suggest this; however, it is your call!  I often refer to my mini tester sets as my mini ‘employees’ as they do much of the work for me!


Personal Investment:

This is up to YOU. You are running YOUR business, so you make it fit your life, your world, and your needs. Your only sales responsibility to Scentsy is to sell at minimum of 150 PRV (150 PRV = $150 USD) once every rolling 3 months. Going above and beyond this is your call. If you don’t make the minimum goal, Scentsy’s policy is to terminate.  If you are interested in building your Scentsy business and recruiting, there are couple other requirements you should be aware of:

  • You must sell $150 in ONE month within 3 consecutive months in order to keep your down-line
  • You must sell $500 in the month in order to be receive your leadership bonuses (meaning you personally must sell $500 in the month to be paid commissions from your down-line)

Both of these requirements can be as simple as one Scentsy party per month! Again, this is YOUR BUSINESS!



If you decide selling Scentsy is for you, I will be your ‘Sponsor’ and your ‘Director’

Wendy will be your ‘SuperStar Director’

This is who makes your Up-line. The two of us, and anyone else in our group or our team, can answer questions, give tips, and be there to support you as you see fit.

I will send you an email after you sign up and will offer news and events of Scentsy on a regular basis. I will be your ‘go-to’ person to whom you ask questions as the occasion arises. This is why you sign up under someone, so they can be a direct support.  In addition to these supports, you will also receive a monthly newsletter via email from me AND have the opportunity to join our monthly Team Meetings for valuable information and FREE giveaways!

You will also have exclusive access to our team sites, facebook groups, and trainings within your personal workstation. You can get as much or as little support as you want for your business.

I will give you support from the start by emailing you helpful things like “Getting Started”, “Organizing your Scentsy”, “How to Place an Order”, and much more. It’s up to you whether you use or trash emails or tips that come your way. Why? Because it’s YOUR business, so do what you decide fits you!



The compensation plan can be read in the back of your Scentsy Catalog. It can be overwhelming when you look at the chart at first. Here is what you need to know when starting out. You get paid according to your rank and Personal Retail Volume (PRV). Rank means the different levels you can reach as you sell.  PRV is basically the subtotal of products ordered.  You will become very familiar with this once you start taking and placing orders.

When you sign up, you are an “Escential Consultant” and move up from that title according to sales and recruits you sponsor.  As an “Escential Consultant” you get 20% of YOUR retail sales.

Once you have sold $1,000 (in your career; not ONE month), you move up to “Certified Consultant” and will be paid 25% of YOUR retail sales.  Reaching this $1,000 might take one party, a full months worth of parties or several months depending on how you work YOUR BUSINESS.

Then, if you sponsor someone and they are active (meaning they’ve sold $150 in a month), you can become “Lead Consultant” and will be paid 25% of YOUR retail sales, 2% of YOUR personal wholesale volume, and 2% of your Recruits wholesale volume. The percentages go up as you move up in rank.

Again, the chart in the catalog lays this out. I would only worry about what you will be making up front…20%. It just gives me a headache past that. Again, this is something that you will become more familiar with and will start making more sense once you starting working your business.



Everyone wants to hear ‘numbers’. Since the success of your Scentsy business success depends on what works for you, it can be misleading to say how much I make or how much other consultants make.  Success is also dependent on what your own personal goals are.  My personal goal was to go in and make this fun and earn my initial investment of $150, as I bought the mini testers, back. Making money has been the perk of it all and my goals for my Scentsy business have since changed.

The amount you can earn depends completely on how much time and energy you want to invest. Consultants make 20%–30% commission on their own sales as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants they sponsor. Some of our Consultants opt to sell just enough for a little extra pocket money, while our Superstar Directors can make six-figure incomes per year. No matter what the amount is each month…it’s wonderful to get paid to do something that is so much fun!!


Discounts & Pay:

You will receive your commissions via a Scentsy VISA pay card on the 10th of each month. Meaning May sales are accumulated from May 1 to May 31. May commissions are loaded onto your card on June 10th.

Scentsy does not give their consultants anything OFF of their purchases. Instead, you get your applicable percentage BACK the following month. Please consider this if you are signing up in hopes of receiving special prices on their products. Scentsy does offer a Scent and Warmer of the Month special available only to consultants.  This is an OPTIONAL purchase that you do receive PRV for and can be a great tool to help you grow your business and customer base.  If you want more details on this, please ask me!

You don’t get discounts but anything you buy for yourself (outside of ‘business supplies’) counts towards your PRV. Also, remember your commission checks are all pretax so you will need to withhold a percentage for your 1099. Scentsy will send you a 1099 next year during tax season, if you make over $600 in the year.


The Scentsy Starter Kit

Your starter kit has A LOT of goodies! For just $99*, Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that includes everything you will need to run your Scentsy Business!


Scentsy Business Supplies:

    • A Pack of the 2016 Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogs
    • New Consultant Start-Up Guide explaining how to get started, and the incentives you can earn starting from the first day you sign up!
    • Scentsy Planning Calendar
    • Scentsy Business Cards
    • Scentsy Post-Card Party Invitations (100)
    • Order Forms (100)
    • Scentsy Party Host Reward Brochures (5)
    • Scentsy Party Host Guest List (5)
    • Scentsy Host Brochures (25)
    • Scentsy Party Host Envelopes (5)
    • Join Scentsy Brochures (25)
    • 3 full Months FREE of your own personalized Scentsy website for your customers to order directly from you (only $10/monthly after that if you CHOOSE to keep it). The website is an excellent way to spread your new Scentsy Business with all of your friends and family through an email announcement with the link to your website, or share on your blog, twitter, facebook, Instagram, ect. Also makes it so your name will come up on the Scentsy Consultant Locator when someone does a search for a Consultant in your area on the website. A very valuable asset for a very good price!

Scentsy Party Fragrance Testers

You will receive the new Scentsy Scent Sample Testers from each of the categories that have 80 Fragrances in the 2016 Spring/Summer Catalog, which include:

  • Spring & Summer Collection
  • Classic Scents Collection
  • Scentsy Man Collection
  • Romance Collection
  • Scentsy Spa Collection
  • Scentsy Corner Café Collection

Demonstration Products

  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Bar (2)
  • Scentsy Scent Pak
  • Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Resources & Website:

You will be given a free website via Scentsy for 3 months. After that it is $10 each month. This will be your workstation and is a MUST if you plan to build your team and want to be able to take online orders. You will have a Consultant ID and a password of your choice. Each person’s website is distinct by ONE word they will choose to add before Here are some websites of people in my group…


Throughout your workstation there are helpful tabs, links, handouts, and plenty of information to help you grow your business.  You’ll find updates, announcements, and resources to access independently and learn from daily. There is even a Forum that has been established to help you trade tips, ideas, and find out what other consultants are doing!  There are ENDLESS resources to help make YOUR business successful and fun!  All of this is at your fingertips when logged into your workstation.



There is so much information to give about Scentsy. Many things you just learn as you go. If you decide you want to become a Scentsy Consultant, I would love to have an active role in helping you make this as successful as you see fit.  Scentsy is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies right now, and it’s such a great fit for so many people. It sounds wild to say, but it really makes people giddy, especially me! My excitement for Scentsy is hard to contain….I LOVE SHARING SCENTSY WITH EVERYONE!!  It’s a new adventure with tons of potential. The best part is it’s YOURS. So you call the shots…


I haven’t had to find my inner salesman to make this work. That’s just not me, and it wouldn’t be fun if I had to. I am not a salesperson; I never want to be a salesperson.  I decided from the start that being a Scentsy Consultant would be fun and if I happened to make a little money while I was doing it GREAT!  Not work, just fun. It’s worked for me so far, and I have refocused my goals with my business to take me in the direction I want to take my business!


That being said, I think it’s important for you to decide what YOU want out of Scentsy before you begin. Otherwise, you might find yourself putting unrealistic expectations on what Scentsy can do for you. It’s fun. So just have fun…and besides, IT SMELLS GREAT 🙂


I hope this helps and would love hear any feedback you have or any other information you would like to know!!


If you know you are READY to become a Scentsy Consultant, just go to my website ( and click on JOIN.  From there, you will order your STARTER KIT and become a Scentsy Consultant!


Kayla Hernandez
Independent Scentsy Family Director
(217) 381-3366
*$99 price does not include tax or shipping


  1. Avatar
    Mari Sylvain says:

    I am really interested in getting into this. I watch my 8 month old grandson while his mom and dad work. They are young and trying to get their new lives started. So i need to have some income while Im at home with him cause we don’t want him in Daycare. I’ve been in the medical field most of my life so this would be a big change but I’m sure rewarding and fun. I just will have to wait about a month to save up for the starters fee…y’all have great products I love them all.. Thank you Mari

    • Avatar
      Kayla Hernandez says:

      Hi Mari, I would love to speak with you one on one. I too am and have been in the medical field and honestly those types of people and teachers do the best with Scentsy. It’s because of their personality types, they both are caring characters. Scentsy would allow you to stay home with you grandson and still make some extra money. You can send me an e-mail at or give me a call/text at 217-381-3366 I would be more than willing to answer any questions you may have! Talk to you soon! Kayla! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Shana Landry says:

    I am really interested in selling Scentsy products. I am a bank teller and I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Do you think that this would be benificial to me selling Scentsy products?

  3. Avatar
    Stephanie says:

    I am interested in getting started with scentsy! i work for an insurance company and i have a warmer on my desk and people ask about it all the time so i might as well be able to sell it to them!! please get in touch w me!! Thanks!

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Stephanie!

      I have sent you a personal email with information about joining Scentsy! I really look forward to helping you and getting you started in this wonderful business!


  4. Avatar
    Brandy says:

    I am really interested in joining Scentsy. I’ve been in retail banking since 2005. I discovered Scentsy a couple years ago from a former co worker and fell inlove with it. I am now a stay at home mom. I have a huge network of friends and family I could introduce the product too.

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Brandy, Thank you for commenting! I sent you an email with some detailed information as well as sent you a message on Facebook! Would love to help you get started with your Scentsy journey!

  5. Avatar
    Flora says:

    I’m really interested in selling Scentsy I work at a medical office now and we are always trying to find someone to buy from and never seem to find one. So I’m taking charge and I would love to get more information about this. I have some retail background so I do believe that this will be a great fit and to also bring in some extra cash for my family.
    Thank you!

    • Avatar
      admin says:


      You work in the perfect place to get started and to make some extra money! I sent you an email with some information! Look forward to talking and working with you soon!


    • Avatar
      admin says:


      Thank you for your interest in the Scentsy family! I have sent you a personal email with further information! Look forward to having you apart of our team!

  6. Avatar
    Julie says:

    I am interested in becoming a consultant. I work at a law firm. I work with a lot of people who like scentsy and a lot of friends who are into it. I want to make some extra money to take my two boys back to Disney!

    • Avatar
      admin says:


      You have the perfect opportunity to share Scentsy with your friends and coworkers where you work to make extra money to take your boys to Disney! I also sent you a personal email to follow up with you! I can’t wait to work with you!


  7. Avatar
    Caiti Hossele says:

    Hi, I’m interested in scentsy. Husband is deployed and I’m a stay at home mom with my 4 month old.

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Caiti!

      I would love to help you get started! Being a stay at home mommy is fun! I also sent you a personal email! 😀


  8. Avatar
    Rhiannon says:

    I have been really thinking about selling scentsy but am still unsure of some of the details. I love scentsy products and would love to see what can happen with it!

  9. Avatar
    Hailey says:

    I am a senior in high school looking for a way to make some extra money for college. Would this be beneficial for me?

  10. Avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Hey! I love Scentsy! I am interested and would like more information on how I can start to sell it. Please email me with more info. Thanks!

  11. Avatar
    Jessica Greenwood says:

    Hi, I am 14 years old and I need some money to buy parts for my car. I don’t have much free time because of school, volleyball, and every weekend I am fixing my car. My mom and I were looking at home distribution businesses and came across Scentsy. She and I think it’s a great idea but I don’t know how we could work it out because of my age. If we put everything in her name, could I still sell the products in person? Thank you

  12. Avatar
    Tatyana Tkhorik says:

    I have read the information above and some of the comments and I too would like an email. I have lots of questions I’d like to discuss.

  13. Avatar
    Yolanda says:

    Hi I have been thinking for months and have not decided to take the next step. I interact with a lot of people when I travel for work and with my kids sports. Can you send me further details? Thank you

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Yolanda!!

      I would love to help you get started selling Scentsy! Do you have specific questions you would like me to answer for you? I would love to answer your questions before you decide if joining Scentsy is right for you!

      Once you do decide to join you will get one on one mentoring from me. (If that is what you want) We can set up a skype date, telephone call, or email it really is up to you what you decide you want to do and what works best for you. I will send you a New Consultant Guide that I created to help you know the steps to take in order to get your business off to a great start! I have several videos for my team showing you how to input orders, get parties, and different beneficial tips for your business! Again let me know if there are any specific questions you have and I would be more than happy to help you and answer them for you! If you are ready to get started it takes about two minutes to get signed up! Just go to

      Talk to you soon!

  14. Avatar
    sneha says:

    Heyya.. i was really unaware about this.I am really interested in selling Scentsy products. I am a bank teller and I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Do you think that this would be benificial to me selling Scentsy products?

    • Avatar
      admin says:


      I would love to have you apart of the Scentsy Family and apart of my team! Being a bank teller and being around the public as much as you are would be great because you could give samples to people ect to get new customers, host for parties, and new team members! It is also good that you will be used to talking to strangers as that is one of the hardest things for people to overcome!

      If you have any questions let me know and I would be more than happy to answer them for you!

      Talk to you soon!


  15. Avatar
    Brianna says:

    I have recently looked into joining Scentsy & was unaware that I had to be “referred” so to say. If I may give a little background on myself.. I am 18 years old & currently in school for cosmetology full time at Empire Beauty School. As of the 21st, I have a now 4 month old son who is my greatest blessing. I am also his Daddy as well. I have support from my mother during the day while I am in school but when I get home, she goes to work. I can’t seem to find the time to work for any other job but one I can make my own hours for. My cousin Tracey use to drown her house in Scentsy & had a few fragrances that I adored. Also some of the wax burners she bought from there were oh so precious! I feel that I can be successful with this company & would love to get a start on my new career! Would you be willing to help me?

        • Avatar
          admin says:

          Hello Evelyn!!!

          I am so glad to hear you are interested in joining Scentsy. I would love to mentor you and help you on your journey as a Scentsy Consultant. What questions do you have before you get started that I can answer for you? I have tons of resources gathered for my team to help them with whatever they are needing and would love to share those with you.

          If you are ready to join just go to my website and it takes about two minutes to enroll at and once your enrollment processes I will add you to our team Facebook group, give you access to my team only website that is full of trainings, ideas, and templates that are free for you to use, and also send you a New Consultant guide to help guide you through the first days as a Scentsy Consultant.

          Talk to you soon!

          • Avatar
            Mary Lomax says:

            These are the things I would need. Still contemplating but if i decide with all the fall/ winter bazaars i would need my kit by the 18th of October is this do able?

          • Avatar
            admin says:

            Hi Mary,

            Did you end up getting signed up? I just saw your comment about needing it by the 18th so that’s passed but if you haven’t signed up I’d love to help you get started! Let me know if you have any questions that I can answer for you!

            Talk to you soon!

  16. Avatar
    Emily says:

    I would love to join Scentsy, but I’m afraid I’m not yet old enough. My mom is fine with the idea, so If I put it under her name, could I still sell them?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Rachelle,

      I just saw your interest about becoming a Scentsy Consultant. I would love to answer any questions that you have about becoming a consultant. The great thing about becoming a Scentsy consultant is our products are affordable for everyone and they are a consumable product. A lot of people thinking about becoming a consultant ask what are the “sales requirements” to stay a consultant… we are very lucky, with Scentsy the only requirement we have is to sell $150 in product in at least one calendar-month within a contiguous three-month period.

      If you know that you want to become a consultant and are ready to get started just go to my website, and it takes about two minutes!

      Look forward chatting with you soon!

      Kayla Hernandez
      Independent Scentsy Family Director

  17. Avatar
    Laura Veren says:

    Hi Kayla, thank you for sharing your story and all of this wonderful information. I have been thinking about joining the Scentsy team for awhile now as I’ve had to have several operations and cannot have a normal 8-5 office job anymore. My fiancé works for FedEx and has for over 20 years and already has at least 50-75 (if not more!) people who are promising to buy from me should I make this decision. (He’s had the same route for years and delivers/picks up from many office buildings, etc and is a very likeable, outgoing, and trustworthy man). I also am being encouraged by friends and family to take this step – all of whom already buy their Scentsy products from someone else so this is quite a moral dilemma for me. But my main concern is that I’ve recently started to draw disability benefits, and although I can work there’s a cap I can’t surpass without losing these benefits for myself and my 12 yr old son. I’ve no doubt I’d be good at it, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to not exceed what I’m allowed to make each month. I hope I haven’t confused you too much..I’m having one last small out-patient surgery on Monday and would really like to speak with you about this more and about my options. I could really use the extra money and hope to hear back from you!

    Thank you so much,
    Laura Veren

  18. Avatar
    Katelyn Bailey says:

    Hello Kayla,
    My name is Katelyn and I am a college student in Virginia. Here recently I have really been looking into selling Scentsy. It would be nice to make a little bit of money, but more than anything I just need a new hobby, preferably something that isn’t too stressful. I would love to know if you would think it’s worth it for me to join Scentsy. Thanks so much for your help!!

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hey Katelyn,

      I wanted to follow up with you about joining Scentsy. I would love to answer any questions that you have and am available to chat with you in whichever form that works best for you; call, text, email, or even Skype just let me know what you want to do.

      Most people join Scentsy to just do it as a hobby and to make a little extra money and initially that is exactly why I joined and then it turned into much more because that is what I needed for my family. I honestly think that Scentsy is something that is fun and people love it! Regardless of how you choose to run your business we always want it to be fun, happiness, and family friendly environment for the consultants to the customers! I would love to help you get started with your Scentsy journey and think you will be very grateful you did after you see what the Scentsy life is like!

      If you are ready to get started just go to my website and it is super simple takes about two minutes to register and purchase your starter kit at

      I also found you on Facebook and added you, would love to connect with you on there as well!

      Talk to you soon!

      Kayla Hernandez
      Independent Scentsy Family Director

  19. Avatar
    Angelica Gutierrez says:

    Im from deep south texas. Use to live in Idaho. I wanted to know more information on how to start amd become a consultant. I googled and you were the first one to pop up. And you sound very informative, so I am giving it a shot. So can i know more info? Or can i get someone from texas to talk to me about it? Please get back to me. Thank you so much!

  20. Avatar
    Madison Posselt says:

    I am really interested in selling scentsy. I am a 19 year old college student and currently work at a Fitness Center watching children. I love my job but don’t get enough hours and am looking to make some extra income.

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Brooke,

      I would love to chat with you more in the Scentsy opportunity! I have sent you a friend request on facebook and will be sending you an email shortly!


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