How do you make money with Scentsy?

How do you make money with Scentsy?


Is Scentsy a Legit Business Opportunity?

Obviously I am going to tell you that it is, I sell Scentsy. I have been successful at selling Scentsy and honestly really enjoy it to be quite honest. Also, I write blog post so that people like YOU will read them and decide if this is the business opportunity that is right for YOU. That is why all Independent Scentsy Consultants write blogs.

I don’t believe that there are any previous Scentsy Consultants that would tell you that Scentsy is a pyramid scheme, a scam, a waste of money, or anything like that. People that previously sold Scentsy and stopped, it’s usually because they didn’t do anything with their busines. They didn’t have parties, they didn’t give out samples, they didn’t give out catalogs, or whatever the case may be. But, I guarantee you that they are still customers and love their Scentsy Warmers.

How is Scentsy Different From Every Other Direct Sales?

1. There are a lot of different direct sales jobs that are out there. You have Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Cookie Lee, Lia Sophia, the list could go on forever. I mean you could compare Direct Sales to car salesman. Typically with Direct Sales there is always a start up cost costing any where from $10-$300 and usually you get some type of start up kit or something to give you a head start on your business, and then it is up to YOU to figure it out from there, right? With Scentsy, just like any other there is a starter kit that you purchase that is $99 USD where you get a LOT of different items that are well worth over $150! So even if you do NOTHING with your business you still got an incredible deal at that! When you purchase your starter kit you will receive it in the mail and that is what you can use to do your parties and have a sample of pretty much everything that Scentsy has to offer. Join here!

2. There are no sale requirements when joining Scentsy. All you have to do is sell $150 in product in at least one month over a three month period span, anyone that is even ligitemitly trying to work their business, this is EXTREMELY attainable. You don’t have to have a stock, heck if all you wanted was the items that came in your starter kit, you could do just that. It’s up to YOU what YOU want to do with YOUR business.

3. Scentsy is just candles. Seriously who doesn’t own a candle? Who doesn’t love candles? How about the adult toys….how do you approach someone about that? Over priced kitchen ware, special weight loss drinks that promise you to lose weight, vitamins, knifes or whatever they are selling. Everyone knows what a candle is, and no one is going to turn down one of our free Scented Candles. Everyone loves Scentsy, women, men, and even your kids can enjoy Scentsy.

4. You receive a FREE website for 3 months and then after that it’s only $10 a month! It’s not required but it is highly recommended so that you can get your online sales. Like I said it isn’t required but it is something that could help you with your online sales if that is the direction you were wanting to take your business down. 

So How Do You Make Money With Scentsy?

There are different ways that you can make money with Scentsy. You can do just the regular parties, where you would host a party at your home or send your customers basket parties where they can show their friends and family take the orders and then turn it in. You would make commission on your parties. Depending on your sales is how much you would make. See the pay scale below. 


Scentsy offers fundraisers, although you are donating your profits the return is way better than anything. Not because it’s the “right” thing to do or your “good deed” but after people order from a fundraiser, I put my label on the product, when they run out of scents or decide they love it and want more (which always happens) who are they going to order from? Who’s information do they have? That’s right, MINE! Just think how many customers you would be gaining by giving your profit of whatever it may be away, how much profit are you going to make in the end? It just makes scents (hehe)! Not to mention lets say you have a fundraiser that makes $1000 in sales, you can keep all the Hostess Rewards like you had a party. With $1000 in sales you are going to get 15% in free stuff, which means you will get $150 in free product of whatever you want PLUS 4 half off items!

Of course you could party every single day of every day of the month. But the real money comes in when you start building a team, which you will make a small portion of their profits. Think of it like any other business. Let’s say car salesman. You can sell cars all day, but the real money comes in when you start buying your own cars and having other people sell them with you, you make a small portion of what they sell and then you make all of what you sell. This adds up way more for the owner and it gives him the flexibility to do more of what he wants to do.

It just makes sense!

Just think, you pay $99 to join and you get your starter kit and you sell any where from $400-$600 in product you will make your initial investment back. 90% of the business is party party party. We suggest that you have at least one party, your grand opening to at least make your money back that you have invested in your business.

Join Scentsy today and I will teach you how to Make Money!


Thank You

Kayla Hernandez – Independent Scentsy Family Director


  1. Ann says:

    If joining up as a consultant in New Zealand, how is the commission paid out? Is it still paid out on a US Visa card pre tax?

    • admin says:

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for your interest in joining Scentsy in New Zealand! What a wonderful ground floor opportunity you kiwis have! 😀
      So the pay in New Zealand is a little different than what it is in the US. We have what is called an online pay portal. Basically it’s like an online bank account that you will receive all of your commissions in and then you will input your bank account information in that you want all of your commissions deposited into!

      I would love to chat more with you about joining Scentsy! Maybe I can find you on Facebook and we can connect!

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Chris Bazan says:

    Need to replace the base of wall units and electrical portion of tabletop units to 220 vt 50 cycle with plug style commonly used in the Netherlands.

    Do you have these replacement parts I can buy from you?

    • admin says:


      Unfortunately I don’t have those replacement parts and I don’t have anyone in the Netherlands to refer you to as a Scentsy Consultant. If you’re interested in joining and being the first one on our team over there we would love to help you!


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