How Much Does A Scentsy Consultant Make?

How Much Does A Scentsy Consultant Make?

I’m sure that you have read this over and over again, it all depends on what YOU put into YOUR business.
I will say that if you set a goal, an attainable goal it is very easy to obtain that goal. If you are wanting to buy a new car and make your car payment with Scentsy it isn’t hard to do it at all!! Just think lets say you get a car and your car payment is $250, okay so at first up to $1000 in sales you will make 20%…. so for your first $1000 in sales you will make $200! Your car payment is almost made… after you sell $1000 in products you will then be promoted to Certified Consultant and make 25%, so if you sell $1000 in product in a month you have made $250! You know how easy that is? You could have two parties a month and very easily meet that goal!

It truly is up to you what you make out of it, how much time you want to invest into it and what route you choose to make YOUR Scentsy business work! Join Now!


How To Choose A Scentsy Sponsor?
Choosing an out of state Sponsor can be just as good as picking one that is right down the street. It really all depends on what YOU want and need to make YOUR business successful.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best sponsor for you, no matter what location they are in

1. Interview a couple Consultants – You should know before you obligate yourself to a sponsor that they are going to be there for YOU, when you need guidance and help. Make sure they answer your questions. Ask about the way they lead and how they will help train you.

2. Friendship vs. Personal Need – There are a lot of people that sign up under a good friend, which is COMPLETELY understandable. I would probably feel the same way. Sometimes this can be great; you can be there for each other you can do events ect together. However, if your personality requries you have a more experienced or professional relationship with your sponsor. Again you may want to consider interviewing a few Consultants to see who will best meet your needs.

3. How are you able to contact them – This is ESPECIALLY if they are out of state. For examly you don’t live by your sponsor, the can still offer a lot of support and education to you via e-mails, text messages, facebook, or whatever they have to offer. Some sponsors don’t train a lot with their Consultants and this can get frustrating if you the type of person who is expecting that.

Moral of the story, you don’t have to choose the first person you know who sells Scentsy.

What I did!?
I did choose an out of state sponsor, and I am honestly glad that I did. It made me work harder at my business. I have had to reach out to my sponsor for help. It isn’t her business, it is my business – she is there for me for guidance and support when I needed it. I started Scentsy and went FULL FORCE! I was so excited for Scentsy and didn’t waste a minute. I didn’t interview any one but I did read a lot about Consultants and made it a decision that I had thought about and compared and contrasted between who was going to help me be successful.
  1. Research, Research, Research. Everything we need is at our finger tips. I was on the computer for hours. I started writing down other Director’s names when I heard them on the Training Calls. I wanted to follow everything they did.
  2.  I googled Scentsy and started reading everything I could. I found forms, tip,  articles and highlighted everything I wanted to incorporate in my business.
  3. I followed my Up line’s lead. If they sent me a card or anything, I wrote down when I got it and what it was for. Then as I started building my team, I started doing the same thing.
  4. I watched the DVDs about 10 times and wrote down everything they said.
  5. I typed in Scentsy Stuff on google and found things people had made such as documents, flyers, etc. Why reinvent the wheel. Do what the great ones do.
  6. I went on the forum and read read read, being sure to ignore any negativity I read and focused on items I could use to make my business great.
  7. I looked up pictures of basket parties. I went to you tube and watched videos.
  8. I found anything I could and just kept compiling how the great ones were succeeding.
  9. I watched every training video on the Scentsy Site.
  10. I listened to every call on my way home from work, or while walking on the tread mill or driving to a city for work or while I was getting ready in the bathroom in the morning.
  11. I read tons of Direct sales articles on how to be an incredible sponsor.
  12. I found people on facebook. I watched what they were posting to family and friends.
  13. I created a Scentsy folder on my desktop with everything I needed for recruiting letters/forms, Welcome letters/forms, Photos, Events, Flyers, Forms. Etc. I organized everything so that when I needed to send some my welcome kit, I could find it on my computer in seconds.
  14. If I found things other superstar directors did, I emailed them to see if they would share their information. Everyone emailed me back. That is true leadership.
  15. Huge thing…I read the policy and procedure handbook so I knew what we can and cannot do. I wanted to know what I was talking about.

Everything is right in front of us. Yes its great to have someone walk us through everything but with a little bit of effort on a computer, everything we need and more is seconds away. Contact Me if you have any questions or concerns!



  1. Sarah says:

    Definitely inspiring- were you at the reunion at opryland hotel in Nashville, TN?
    I work inside the mall and someone came into the store I worked at and game me her card-

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah!

      Yes I was at the Gaylord this past week for our annual Scentsy reunion! I am so excited that you are interested in joining Scentsy! Do you have any questions that I can answer for you? I would love to help you get started! If you are ready to get started it only takes like two minutes to register on my website at and once your enrollment comes through I can get you access to everything!

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Martina says:

    You seem like a great team leader and for me that is most important. My superstar directors did not like the questions I asked so they put me out of the group and blocked me…not only me but several others that I know of….very unprofessional….so my advice would be find out how your leaders operate because iyou cannot change to a different team unless you leave and come back after six months!

    • admin says:

      Martina, I hate hearing about instances like this! It is very important to talk to your potential leaders to see who is going to be able to help you best according to your needs.

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