On Average How Much Does a Scentsy Consultant Make

On Average How Much Does a Scentsy Consultant Make

Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants earn between 20 and 36 percent commissions and bonuses on personal sales and may be eligible for leadership bonuses based on their teams’ sales.

The chart below shows how Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants in the U.S. performed, on average, in 2014. As with any business endeavor, the success any individual Consultant sees will be a direct result of the amount of time, effort and skill he or she develops in selling the product and leading a team. The earnings below represent commissions that Scentsy actually paid Consultants in 2014. These figures do not take into account any expenses Consultants may have incurred in marketing their businesses.


Number of Consultants per title*

Average annual commission**

Median annual commission

Minimum annual commission**

Maximum annual commission**

Average months with Scentsy***

Escential Consultant







Certified Consultant







Lead Consultant







Star Consultant







SuperStar Consultant














Star Director







SuperStar Director







*This chart includes all Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants in the U.S. who were current at the end of 2014. It does not factor in Consultants who were current in any part of 2014 but not active at the end of the year.

**For Consultants at their respective titles at the end of December 2014. These amounts reflect cash distributions only and do not include product credit or other non-cash awards such as incentive trips. The amounts above reflect gross profits and do not include any business expenses Consultants may have incurred in running their businesses.

*** The average number of months for the Consultants in the U.S. from their join date to the end of 2014.

The total number of current Consultants in the U.S. at the end of 2014 was 105,192. A total of 49,568 Consultants in the U.S. left due to inactivity or other causes in 2014. The minimum commission paid to Consultants who left was $0.00, and the maximum paid was $14,476.40.



  1. Sarah says:

    I have a question pertaining to the cart on this page. The average annual commission of a scentsy consultant starting out as an escential consultant is only about $80.00 for the entire YEAR? I am not sure if I am reading that right, but that is super low, even the numbers for the certified consultant for an entire year look low on average. How does one even make any money??? Again I don’t know if I am reading this right. I really want to become a consultant but I worry about making enough money.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,

      So I understand where you’re like this seems a little crazy however, what you may not realize is that an essential Consultant hasn’t even sold $1,000 that entire year…if they did JUST that they would earn $200. These are just averages of all people for a year, for instance; if someone signed up on December 30th and sold nothing they are being figured into that average and that’s not a fair component when coming up with these averages. You can definitely make money with Scentsy just selling product but if you want to make significant money you need to sell and help people join your team and be successful as well. I hope that helps you!


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