Scentsy Essentials Starter Kit for $49

Scentsy Essentials Starter Kit for $49


Join Scentsy with a Discounted Starter Kit!

If you have ever wanted to Join Scentsy but were hesitant because of the regular price to join of $99 you are in luck this month, March 2016 ONLY!!! Scentsy is offering for March of 2016 a discounted kit of $49 that will provide you with all of your essential tools to get your business off to a great start!

Scentsy Join Promotion

Not only is Scentsy launching our brand new Spring and Summer 2016 Scentsy Catalog they also are offering a discounted Starter kit for only $49. This is only available for the United States and Canada ($59 in Canada)

What comes in the Scentsy Essential Starter Kit? 

1 Scentsy Warmer
1 Scentsy Bar
1 Pack of Order Forms
1 Pack of Print Your Own Labels
1 Set of Spring/Summer 2016 Mini Testers (all 80 fragrances)
1 Pack of Party Invitations
1 Consultant Guide
1 Quick-Start Guide
1 Pack of Scentsy Catalogs
1 Pack of Product Lists
1 Pack of Category Cards
1 Pack of Showcase Brochures

Can I choose the full size Starter Kit in March?

Of course, the full Scentsy Starter Kit for $99 (USD)/$119 (CAD) is also available during March. This Starter Kit contains everything in the Escential Starter Kit, plus additional demonstration products. You get the option to choose which Starter Kit you prefer during the enrollment process.  So, sign up and join Scentsy today!

Just some other questions that I get often that I want to address in this post; Can I really make money selling Scentsy? The answer is yes you can however, it does require you to work and earn it. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You get exactly out of your Scentsy Business what you put into it. I am more than happy to share with you what I do to make my business successful. The reality of this business is when your light bulb moment comes on and you have your reason “why” you push yourself harder and then harder there will be no stopping you and no limit as to where you go with your business! My only regret with Scentsy is that I didn’t start sooner! Get started on your Journey with Scentsy today!!!


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