Scentsy Join Special in August

Scentsy Join Special in August

Can you really make money selling Scentsy?

Join Scentsy inĀ August

There are so many times that people come to me and ask me, Can you really make money selling Scentsy? The answer is ALWAYS, “You get exactly what you put into it… if you put a lot into it, you’ll get a lot out. If you don’t put anything into it, you’ll get nothing out of it.” This is true with everything though, isn’t it? The great thing about Scentsy this month is they’re is an even better incentive to get started in August of 2016!

Best time to Join Scentsy is August 2016! Here’s Why!

  • Our Scentsy Starter kit is only $99 US or $119 CAD and this will include EVERYTHING you need to get started on your Scentsy Business!
  • You’ll receive a FREE Shooting Star Enhancement Kit when you sell 500 PRV in your first 15 days! (valued over $300!!!!) See picture below to see what you’ll receive.
  • You’ll earn commission on ALL of your sales, from the day you start!
  • You’ll be joining in the first month of the qualification period for our Scentsy 2017 Incentive trip to either Africa, Punta Cana, or our Scentsy Family Reunion in Kansas City.
  • You’ll be starting your business just in time for the big fall sales season!

scentsy join special in august

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