Wax Warmers Scentsy VS Walmart

Wax Warmers Scentsy VS Walmart

When you do a search for wax warmers, candle holders, plug-in warmers, wax melters, you will see the first thing that comes up is Walmart warmers. Their slogan has always been “Save money. Live better.” The question is, what are you really getting when you purchase a Walmart wax & warmers over the real Scentsy wax & warmers? Recent studies and comparisons done from actual in-home comparisons revealed some interesting truths!

Comparison? There is no comparing the two.

Scentsy – The Real Deal Scent Sational – The Walmart Copycat
Safe Warmer Temperature Warning right on package that the heat of the warmers can increase, to reportedly unsafe levels.
Scent Lasts 60-80 Hours Scent is only noticeable for the first few minutes of the initial warming. Reportedly is not as strong, and does not last nearly as long.
Customer Loyalty Program & Rewards No loyalty or rewards programs available. 
$5 for 8 Cubes (Not including sale pricing or package pricing.) $2 for 6 Cubes (No packages available.) 
Non-Toxic, Lead Free & Wickless Toxic chemicals that distribute through the air and burn away.
Gift & Themed Packages Ready to Go No gift packages available.
Customizable Warmers for Business and Organization No customizable options available.
Safe Wax Melting  Temperature Wax feels as if it is burning the skin, and will remove table varnish if spilled or touched.
Over 80 Different Warmers & Scents Available Limited availability of styles.
Replacement Parts Available No replacement options, aside from bulbs.
New Bulb-less Warmers Available No bulb-less options.
Three Warmer Sizes Available One standard size available.
Wall Plug-Ins Available for Smaller Spaces No wall plug-ins available.
New Monthly Warmer & Wax Specials No monthly specials or regularly scheduled new releases.
60-80 Hours of Scent per Scentsy Bar 5-10 Hours of scent per bar.

Are You Actually Saving Anything?

Here’s the catch about the Walmart price! Not only are you getting less blocks in each package, less of a scent, and less of a selection, you also end up paying more! Yep, you heard me right! At an average of 60-80 hours of scent warming pleasure, you average $.06-$.08 per hour. With Walmart’s Scent Sational brand, you are paying $.20-$40 per hour for


just 5-10 hours on average.

So, where’d the savings go? Into the warmer? Think again! The cheaper design and construction of the Walmart warmer means that not only does it get much hotter, causing potential injuries to children, adults and furniture…but you’d better hope that you don’t bump your warmer and cause it to fall! Actual tests of warmers dropped from the same height showed that the Walmart warmers tend to shatter the majority of the time, the Scentsy warmers…stayed nearly completely intact and fully useable. There was a chip off of the top warmer plate, and some cracking throughout the warmer that made it appear to be a crackled finish. No sharp edges, no missing chunks all over the ground. Now, with a house full of boys under 12, that’s something worth paying a little bit more for. And you can’t forget the warranty!

Not Very Original!

No Copycats for Scentsy

To start off with, when reviewing this product, it is incredible how much they copied off of Scentsy. In fact, Scentsy has regularly used the term “Scentsational” when referring to the nearly 150 scents that they have available. So, what does Walmart do in their attempt to pull a copy-cat move? They call their brand “Scent Sational”. Their warmers resemble some of the same stypes, and even their packaging resembles the good-ole Scentsy bars from the past. Did you notice that it looks so much like Scentsy, that they even have a disclaimer on the package that says, “Not a Scentsy Product”?

Check out these reviews from actual people who have used both products:

I wouldn’t recommend the walmart brand wax it is not as strong nor does it last as long as scentsy.

-J. Missouri

I thought I’d try this, because of the look and price, but it DEFINITELY doesn’t compare to Scentsy. I was very disappointed with the construction of the warmer and the poor grade of the wax. I’m going to stick with Scentsy. I think there warmers are nicer and they have a larger variety of scents that last longer than these. I think they also have a lifetime warranty. I also wonder if the BH&G waxes are made of food-grade paraffin. I’m betting that’s where the difference in price is.

-A. Kentucky

Any and all information included in this article has been provided by factual data and research collected from various internet sources including the Walmart website, reviews sites, and from the opinions of Mom’s who have taken the time to test out both products, from a non-biased point of view. After all, who better to test something that is going to be in our homes than those of us that will actually be using them? To learn more about the Scentsy product, please visit www.getcandlescents.com. You can learn more about how the product works, and what makes it so special.


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